LOCLOCAT-Click for more information COADDATE-Click for more information Mass Registration Option-Click for more information COCREATOR-click for more info Module Buttons-Click for more information COENROLLED-Click for more information Add/EditPocket Ledger records for this course-Click for more information Create Attendance Records for this course-Click for more information Record Student Daily Attendance-Click for more information Generate Room Use-click for more information Refreshing Schedule-click for more information Course Doucments-Click for more information LOCCAMPUS-Click for more information

Course Screen

The Course screen consists of 6 tabs:  

  • Main - fields for main course information such as code, title, dates, times, etc.
  • Additional Info - course user defined fields and additional information such as alternate code, registration times, email attachments sent with registration confirmations (Email Module users), etc.  
  • Fees - set up fees for course.
  • Instructors - assign instructors to course and enter pay details.
  • Comments - registration warning message, notes to be printed on receipt, and internal notes for staff.
  • ACEweb Info - ACEweb Module options such as publishing option, special pages, and workshop messages.  Note:  if you are not using the ACEweb module, you will not see this tab.

Mouse over field for Field Name--Click for more Field Information


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