Course Packaging Module

Course Packaging is an optional module that allows you to 'bundle' registrations. A course package consists of a 'parent' course and 'child' courses that are the actual courses the user will be taking if they enroll in the package.


  • Package Types - There are 2 types of Packages. Please see the Package Type section for more information.
  • Not Supported - Optional Fees*, Workshops, and Coupon Codes are not supported on Package or Child course enrollment via ACEweb.

    *Note: Mandatory fees will NOT be assessed to child courses unless you enable that option in Student Manager preferences. To enable the option in ACEweb, enter EMFPKG (Enforce Mandatory Fees on Packages) in the AltSettings INI setting.

    Mandatory fees on mother courses will be handled per the EnforceMandFees INI setting.

  • Existing Registrations - Existing registrations will NOT be updated if you add/remove Child Courses after users are registered in the Package. You must manually add/remove the existing registrants from the Child Courses.
  • Transferring Packages - You cannot transfer a person from one package to another, or transfer a package to another person. You can only cancel the package registrations. See Canceling a Package section for more information.


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