What's New in ACEweb?

Current Version: 3.5.048 and 4.0.048 released January 29, 2018.

For a full list of features added and bugs fixed, see the ACEware Forum. To see and hear about the updates, visit our webinar archives.

New Features

The Staff Web Access feature has been extended to include Super Instructor options, and to view additional course information such as number of cancelled registrations and fee setup.

Added the ability for a student to be added to a waitlist, should the class fill up while a student is registering.

New DupeCheck INI setting to trigger a final check for duplicate registrations.

The new Staff Web Access feature allows staff to log in as a student and enroll them in courses.

Add the ExcelFields option that allows you to set up a custom export for Instructor Rosters.

Added the ability to display the base Main fee description and expiration date (if an Early Bird rate) on the Course Status page.

Added the MemberStatus function that can bee used on xwelcome.htm, xenrollcard.htm and proxyreg.awp template to display the membership(s) and expiration information.

Add the ability to add others to a course Waitlist. User will now see an "Add your name to the Waiting List" and an "Add someone else to the Waiting List" buttons on the course status page.

New FeeBreakdown INI setting that allows you to set the Category values for the Fee Breakdown listing of a course (i.e. Fee Breakdown link on xcoursestatus.htm).

Waitlisting routines now respect canceled registrations and course prerequisites. It can also add an Interest code record to the name when users add themselves to the course Waitlist.

New PSHandlerLag INI setting. For use with Payment Services with the Silent Post option enabled. Time in seconds that the PayServiceHandler routine should wait for the notification that indicates that PayServicePosting (used by Silent Post option) has been completed.

New ShowEscrow() function to display an Escrow Credit message for the logged on user. The function can be added to the XWelcome.htm and XEnrollcard.htm templates. It can also be added to proxyreg.awp to display the Escrow Credit message for proxy registrant.

New Catalog Thumbnail option to show brief thumbnail description and a button to show/hide full description. Requires an update to the Xcoursestatus.htm template.

New AW Bill Amount option to allow a logged on user to be invoiced for a transaction up to the amount set in the AW Bill Amount field--even if the course ACEweb Publish Property is not set to an Allow Billing option.

New Coupon Limits option - a special-use option that restricts how many times the coupon can be used on registrations. Requires set up in Module > Codes > FEES: Coupon Use Limits, and setting the new CouponLimits INI setting to ON. Note: cannot be used with other coupon options in ACEweb.

Added the ability to use Credential fields on Supplemental Data Capture templates.

Added an option to expire all early bird fees the 1st time the Course listing page (showschedule.awp) is hit for the day. Requires adding an EarlyBirdExpire.ini file to your Student Manager folder.

Added an option to the BOGO module to apply a discount to all courses added after the requirement is met. For example, buy 1 at regular price get 10% off the rest. Requires updated bonusdeal templates, changes to BonusDeal INI and a different fee setup. Contact your ACEware technician for more information.

ACEweb now enters the Course account number into the Pay account field.

Updated the pay Balances/Invoices Online options to disallow adding the course or invoice to the Cart multiple times. Requires updated accountstatus and invoicestatus files, included in update zips.

Updated ACEweb to reset the Registration Add Date and Time when a registration record is recycled (e.g. if the first credit card charge attempt was declined and the user tries again).

ACEweb now supports the new Student Manager 8.0 Archive option. To show archived courses in the Completed Courses list (registration history), add ATABLE: to the ArchivePath INI setting.

Updated person.awp to show household member's address information instead of logged on user's address information.

Added an option to person.awp to pop up a warning message if the user changes first or last name on an existing record. (existing customers: requires editing of person.awp, please contact your ACEware technician for more information.)

Added the MarketerEmail INI setting. If an email address is entered in it, the Catalog request notices will be sent to that email address instead of the email addresses entered in the OfficeEmail INI setting.

Updated the Password routine to allow passwords up to 30 characters long.

Added the ability to include information from Register and RegUDFs records in ACEweb confirmation emails. This option is most commonly used with the Supplemental Data Capture feature.

Added the ability to include Course UDFS fields in the Cart listing page and in ACEweb confirmation emails.

Added an alternate login feature that allows users to log in with an alternate ID, stored in a character type field in the Names table (e.g. nmcode2).

Added an option to log ACEweb routines to a daily database instead of a daily text file. This option is for customer with heavy traffic where the text file would become too large to view online. Note: the table debug option requires additional files, included in the update zip, and a change to your DebugFlag INI setting. Please contact your ACEware technician for more information.

Updated the Express Registration feature to respect the Do not Publish and Publish/NO Register options (ACEweb Publish Property on course ACEweb Info tab) --IF-- you are using the option to display the expression registration page when the user open the coursestatus.awp link for the course. If the property is set to Do not Publish, the user will get the "Online Registration Not Allowed" message. If the property is set to Publish/NO Register, the express registration page will be ignored and the regular coursestatus.awp page will open with the "Online registration is not available at this time." message and the enrollment buttons hidden.

Updated the Express Registration routines to write information to registration user-defined fields. The hidden regudfs field must now have a value set to ON. E.g. <input type="hidden" name="RegUDFlag" value="ON" />.

*Updated javascript on the xenrollcard.htm template to skip workshop selection verification if the user clicks the Cancel Entry button.

*Updated javascript on the customregister.htm template to hide the submission button once a user clicks it, and enable a "Please wait..." message, asking the user to wait until the next step is completed.

Extended the account routines to activate a Name record if the inactive user resets their password, logs into ACEweb, or is enrolled via proxy in a course.

Extended the PAYFLOWLINK pay service module to report credit card type.

Extended the HideInstTypes INI setting behavior to the Instructor Lookup routine.

Extended the Quick Search feature to search locations. Contact your ACEware technician for more information.

Extended the Transaction Fee module to work with paying Balances and Invoices online. Contact your ACEware technician for more information.

Updated the Registration History form buttons to support relative URL paths.

Added support for adjustable donation amounts to the Express Registration feature.

Instructor Access: moved the List, Track and Gradebook buttons to the end to facilitate sorting of course lists.

Updated the Advanced Search routine to support apostrophes in course titles.

Updated the Unscheduled Courses routine that generates a staff email when users submit the form to add their name to the mailing list. If using the UseCaCode option, the staff email will now include the catalog name value in the email sent to staff.

Updated the Class Roster to display workshop enrollment count when viewing a workshop roster (requires updated classroster.htm).

Updated the Custom Phrasebook to allow customized messages for membership required courses (requires an updated awphrases.xml AND updating the text table).

Updated the Limited Super Instructor feature to return a "None of the courses you are authorized to view match your search request." message if the instructor's search did not return any courses.

Limit the courses super instructors can view. Note: this feature also requires Student Manager 8.0.019.

Added support for Touchnet's recently added ability to accept multiple GL codes and associated amounts in a single transaction. Customers who use Touchnet's T-Link service should contact their tech if they are interested in this option.

Added the SeatEnrollment INI setting to determine how ACEweb handles updating the course enrollment count for Event type courses.

Added support for more Instructor fields when using a custom Instructor Lookup template (instlookup.htm).

Added an additional parameter to the FailOption INI setting to cancel a failed registration and void the payment.

Updated VoidPendingPmts and FailOption INI when using parameter 2, which cancels a pending or failed registration. ACEweb will now allow re-registration --IF-- Updated By is still WWWEB. If a staff member has cancelled the registration (which would change the Updated by to the staff member's user name) , the user will not be allowed to re-register.

Updated the oCourse.HTMLSourceList() function on XEnrollCard.htm to allow use of radio buttons for tracking code selections (instead of a drop down list).

Updated proxyreg.awp to support proxy registrations on specific mobile devices. Note: this functionality requires an updated proxyreg.awp. Please contact your ACEware technician for more information.

Updated Family Memberships to allow family members to enroll in membership required courses when the family membership course is in the cart.

Allow users to pay invoices online.

Updated the registration confirmation routine to redirect user to the regconfirm.awp url when the charge is successful (step 9 of the registration process). This is to address an issue with some mobile devices reloading a successful transaction page and generating "Cannot verify payment service results" or "Duplicate payment request" errors.

Updated the BOGO routine to include courses marked as No Publish if the NPOK parameter is added to the BonusDeal INI setting.

Updated the Custom Text Options routine to allow customization of the Inactive Course message.

Added an automated log cleanup routine that will remove log entries/files older than 90 days. How long you keep log entries/files can be specified in the cleanup.ini included in the update zip. For more information, contact your ACEware technician.

Updated the Not Currently Scheduled listing routine to include catalog records with no grouping codes in the Complete listing.

Added support for PayPal Express payment service.

Added the registration add date and time to the Instructor's waitlist roster. Note: requires an updated classroster.htm template (in update zips).

Add an Include Async courses option to the Instructor course listings. This option will include membership and on line courses the instructor teaches in the course listing. Note: requires an updated instructor.htm template (in update zips).

Added additional functionality to the DefaultPayType INI setting for customers with special pay type needs.

UPDATED CourseOrder INI - no longer supports named parameters (e.g. NAME, BEGINS, etc.). You must select the number of the column you want as your default sort. I.e. if you want to sort by Begin date and it's the 3rd column in the course listing table, set it to 3. If you are not sure, set it to 1.

UPDATED FailOption INI - provides new option to determine how ACEweb handles registration and payment records for failed payment attempts (e.g. credit card is declined).

NEW ValidateEmail INI - enforce restrictions on email entries for new Name records submitted via Express Registration templates.

NEW WarningEmail INI - email address of the person who should receive Suspicious Request Notices.


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