ACEweb Options

ACEweb offers several options you can enable:

Course Listing/Look Up Options

Student Options

Student Logon Credential Options

Custom Templates

Custom Pages (Xpage)

Past Term Registration Checking

AW STORM - ACEweb Student Online Reporting Module

Adding Icons to Course Listings

Allow Online Billing for Certain Customers

Catalog Thumbnail

Coupon Discounts

Course Prerequisites



Displaying Unscheduled Catalog Records


Enrollment Blocker

Entering Default Registration Field Values

Event Type Courses

Express Registration Pages

Hiding Course Groups

Including Email Attachments (with Registration Confirmations)

Linking to Online Courses

Membership Courses

Name Record Attachments

One-Time Coupons

Partner Enrollment Packaging

Password Restrictions

Paying Outstanding Balances Online

Paying Invoices Online

Proxy Registrations (Enroll Someone Else)

Multi Proxy Option

Registration History

Related Courses

Remove Email Address from Mass Email Lists

Setting Student Password Restrictions

Suggest a Course

Supplemental Data Capture Options

Unscheduled Courses in Course Listings

Who Else is Enrolled Option


Optional Modules

For pricing, see our Pricing page.

ACEweb Calendar

Alternate ACEweb Interfaces

Course Packaging

BOGO Special Offer - included in Course Packaging Module.

ACEweb Quick Pick Module

Instructor Attendance Tracking