ACEweb INI Settings (Alpha Order)

The following is a brief description of the ACEweb.ini settings in alphabetical order:

Accessible - Determines if ACEweb runs in accessibility mode to meet Section 508 and WC3 Accessibility standards.  

ACEwebURL - Base address for ACEweb, pointing to the virtual folder where wc.dll resides.

AddOwnAccount -Determines whether new users are allowed to initiate their own account creation via the web (i.e. add themselves to your Mailing list, etc.).

AdjustWksFees - For custom workshop functionality.

AdminEmail - email address of the person who should receive the error messages.

AdminLevel - Minimum ACEweb Access Level (as set on their Student Manger user record) a staff member must have to access Instructor rosters.

AdminMailServer - SMTP mail server.

AdminSendErrorEmail - determines if email notifications are sent when there is an ACEweb error.  If set to ON, the email address(es) must be entered in the AdminEmail setting and the SMTP server name must be entered in the AdminMailServer setting.

AltSettings - Alternative settings for custom applications or special situations. Entries should be separated with the pipe character (|). Most customers will leave this entry blank.

AllowDeposit - Comma delimited set of main fee descriptions used for ACEweb Deposit option.

AllowDupes - Overrides ban on a user enrolling multiple times in the same course.

AllowWaitList - Activates the waiting list option.  

AlternateSQL - Used in Alternate interfaces with the SQL version only.

AlternateURL - List one or more URLs that are allowed to originate registration submissions, other than the main URL listed in ACEwebURL.

AltPS - For use with the PayPal Express payment option. Holds the PayService, APIServer URL, RedirectTarget URL, and DefaultPayType values.

AltSettings - Alternative settings for custom applications or special situations. Most customers will leave this entry blank.

ArchivePath - Location of Student Manager Archive data files (if any). For Student Manager 7.2.A and earlier only. Is not supported with Student Manager 8.0.

AsyncFields - Determines which fields/headers will be shown when on-line courses are listed in the course displays.

AsyncLink - If the user is allowed to launch online courses from within ACEweb, this setting should provide the base URL where the course links can be found.

AsyncTypes - Sets the course types that will be treated as Async type courses, i.e. courses with no dates.

AuthenticateSendMail - determines if SMTP authentication is used when sending emails.. Users the User Name and Password from the Student Manager Email Module set up (i.e. XSetMail.exe).

AutoAssign - auto assign Senior Citizen rate to Name Fee Category based on birthdate entered.

BillFirm - Determines if Invoices will be directed to the firm specified in names.nmfirm.

BonusDeal - Specify options for the BOGO special offer.

CatLinkStatus - Determines how ACEweb handles prerequisite courses.

ChargeMsg - Message to appear both when email is sent and on screen once charge is accepted.

CheckAltFees - Determines whether alternate Main Registration fees are displayed on ACEweb.

CheckSum - For future system use….do not change.

CloseCountdown - Maximum value for which the exact number of openings will be displayed on the XCourseStatus.htm page.

CouponLimits - Determines if the Coupon Limit feature is enabled.

CourseOrder - Order in which courses are sorted in course listings.

CourseService - For future system use….do not change

CourseWare - Deprecated setting, no longer in use.

CustomEmail - Used in customized applications.

CustomerCode - Used by ACEweb in case special code modules have been customized for your organization.

DataPath - Location of Student Manager data files.

DebugFlag - Causes additional output to be written to the current debugging log file in specified areas of the program.

DebugMode - Enables system level logging operations and other features that may facilitate troubleshooting.  Note:  actions controlled by the DebugFlag are independent of the DebugMode setting.  

DefaultPayType - Should be set to one of the Credit Card payment types (4, 5, 6, or 7). ACEweb will enter the pay type on credit card payments if the payment service does not return the type of credit card the user paid with.

DeferLogon - Deprecated setting, no longer in use.

DupeCheck - Trigger a final check for duplicate registrations (same user/same course) as part of the payment routine. Can be set to automatically remove the duplicate entries from the Enrollment Cart, or to halt the payment process if duplicates are detected.

ECDC - determines if Supplemental Data Capture fields are included on the Enrollment Cart or on a separate page.

ECTableClass - Specifies a CSS table definition for formatting the Enrollment Cart table.

ECTableColors - Set table colors for Enroll Card tables on Enrollment Cart summary page, Registration submit page, and Confirmation page.

ECTableTags - Set table tags for Enroll Card tables on Enrollment Cart summary page, Registration submit page, and Confirmation page.

EncryptCC - Deprecated setting, no longer in use.

EnforceMandFees - Determines if mandatory fees are automatically added to the total due for the course, or can be deselected on the Enrollment Cart.

FailOption - Determines how ACEweb handles registrations when the payment fails to validate (i.e. declined credit card or processing canceled by user).

FeeBreakdown - Comma delimited list containing the Category values for the Fee Breakdown listing of a course.

Fee Limits - Set to ON to enable the Course Fee limit feature for ACEweb

FeeOrder - FeeOrder is reserved for future use and should be left set to 1 for now.

FullMsg - HTML coded message to identify closed courses in the course listings.

GateCop - Determines if ACEweb uses the GateCop program to interface with a third party pay service (Touchnet, MercuryPay, etc).

GroupInit - This is for internal use by ACEweb. It should initially be set to OFF.

GroupList - Determines which course groups are included in, or excluded from, Group listings. Mostly used with Alternate Interfaces.

GroupOption - Set the group option for course listings.

HelpEmail - Email address of staff member that user can contact for further information.

HelpPerson - Name associated with the Help Email.

HelpPhone - Number to be displayed when user is given the option to phone for help.

HideInstTypes - Comma delimited list of Instructor types for which information will NOT be displayed.

HideSessionCt - Determines whether "Sessions" clause will be omitted from Meets field.

HTMLPagePath - Path to ACEweb templates on the server.

IDAlias - The term entered here will be used throughout the program to refer to the registrant’s ID code.

IDPrefix - Code prefix for computer generated Student Manager ID numbers.

InstructorFields - Determines fields and column headings for the table shown on the Instructor information page.

IntCodeCols - Specifies number of columns for the Interest Codes table on the Personal Data Page.

InterestScope - Scope Interest codes listed on the personal profile page (person.awp).

InvoiceMsg - Specify message that is displayed to user when selecting the billing option.

LegacySchedule - Determines course listing behavior. Should be set to OFF when upgrading to ACEweb 3.5.

MailServer - Name of SMTP Mail server.

MajorgroupHead - Specifies the heading for the top level group listing (If GroupOption is set to 2).

MarketerEmail - Email address of the person selected to receive notice of catalog request emails.

MaxTableSize - When the size of a course listing table (rows X cols) exceeds this value, the listing will be displayed in text format rather than as an HTML table.

MemberLookup - Used for custom membership procedures.

MemberRegLimits - Enables the Member Limit feature. This is an optional module. For pricing, see our Pricing page.

MemberTimeExt - Determines how membership discounts are calculated.

MgrWebLevel - Minimum ACEweb Level required to carry out Staff Web Access operations.

MultiEmailResponse - When a user asks for their ID to be emailed to their address: if the address entered matches more than one student account, the system will respond with the specified message instead of sending out the multiple IDs.

NameIDLength - Used when validating user ID entries.

NotifyOffice - if enabled, transaction notices are emailed to staff when users add accounts, request information, and register for courses.

NullEmptyDates - For SQL databases only. If set to ON, specifies that "empty" date fields will always contain a NULL entry.

OfficeEmail - Email address of the staff member(s) selected to receive transaction notices.

OneTimeCoupon - Determines if One-Time Coupon feature is enabled.

OnlyActiveInstruct - Determines if inactive instructors will be able to access rosters online.

OrgHours - Hours of operation displayed on the Contact Us web page.

OrgName - Organization name to be displayed in web page messages and emails.

PageParseMode - Affects how Web Control Framework pages, e.g. .awp type templates which have associated .PRG files.

PayOption - Set the default pay option for users (i.e. Credit Card Only, Invoice Only, User has the option of credit card or invoice).

PayService - Credit card processing service (e.g. TLINK6*, AUTHORIZENET*, etc.).

PCCAddress - Use by some regular payment services. Determines if the input string sent to the payment service contains the payer's address.

PCCEmail - Email address for failed payment notifications. Overrides OfficeEmail for these emails.

PCCMercNum - ID used by some payment services.

PCCPath - Payment Service Folder Path/URL.

PCCPrefix - Special configuration flags for specific payment service functionality.

PCCTimeout - Deprecated setting, no longer in use.

PostPayerInfo - For use with some redirect payment services, to return credit card holder information (i.e. name, address, and phone)

PreGenReceipt - Specifies when the receipt number is added to the Pay record for credit card transactions.

PrintCourseNotes - Determines whether course notes for receipts (conoteprt) are displayed on the Registration Confirmation page and included on the email confirmation message sent to the student.

PrintRegWarn - Determines whether the Course warning messages (coregwarn) will be displayed on the Registration Confirmation page and included on the email confirmation message sent to the student.

ProxyReg - Enable the Proxy Registration Feature.

PSHandlerLag - For use with Payment Services with the Silent Post option enabled. Time in seconds that the PayServiceHandler routine should wait for the notification that indicates that PayServicePosting (used by Silent Post option) has been completed.

PubPassword - If a password is specified here, the user will need to supply it to get into any of the pages requiring user signup.

RegConfirmFields - Determines field and column headings for the course table on the Registration Confirmation page.

RegFirmFields - For custom registration level firm routines. Do not turn on unless instructed to by your ACEware technician.

RegStatusExclude - Set criteria for excluding courses from the display of Upcoming, Active, and/or Completed courses in the Registration History.

RegStatusFields - Determines fields and column headings on the Upcoming and Active listings in the Registration History.

ReportCertificate - For use with ACEweb STORM (Student Online Reporting Module). Specifies the certificate report in Student Manager to be used when students view their certificate report.

ReportTranscript - For use with ACEweb STORM (Student Online Reporting Module). Specifies the transcript report in Student Manager to be used when students view their transcript report.

RequiredFields - Determines which fields on the Personal Data page must be filled in.

RequiredMercnumMatch - Determines if users can add courses with different merchant numbers to the Enrollment Cart.

RollWorkshopCEUS - Determines if Workshop Hours and CEUs will be added to the Registration Hours and CEUs when an individual enrolls in a course with workshops.

RosterFields - Determines fields and column headings for instructor's Course Roster.  

ScheduleFields - Determines which fields/headers will be shown when regularly scheduled courses are listed in the course listing displays.

ScriptMode - Controls how .wcs files are compiled. Recommended setting for production systems is 1.

SearchLocation - Determines which location field search options will be enabled.

SearchLogging - Enables the Search term logging feature.

SeatEnrollment - Determines how course enrollment count is incremented for Event type courses.

SenderEmail - Return email address used for emails sent by ACEweb.

SenderName - Sender name included in return email address of emails sent by ACEweb.

SessionCutoff - How long the session stays live, in seconds.

SessionTimeout - Time in Seconds when ACEweb session cookies will expire after they are initialized.

ShortTime - Determines how the Meets field will be displayed in the Course Listing pages.  

ShowCatalog - Enables the "Not Currently Scheduled" feature.

ShowContacts - Allows the use of different “Who to contact with questions” names displaying on the Registration Confirmation and sent in the email confirmation.

ShowInstructor - Determines if link to instructor information is displayed on the course status page.

ShowLocation - Specifies the way Course Location information is displayed.

SilentPostEmail - Determines if confirmation emails will be sent from within the PayServicePosting routine.

SMVersion - Student Manager Version.

SpecialFee - For customers using custom term fee options.

SQLConnectString - SQL Database connect string.

SSL - Determines whether ACEweb is running under Secure Sockets Layer.

SSSLevel - Determines if the criteria parameter is enabled/disabled in course listing routines, and if AWJSON targets must be encrypted.

Past Term Registration Checking - Enables the past registration checking feature (prevents a student from enrolling in a course they have previously taken)

SubgroupHead - This setting specifies the heading for the secondary group listings.

SuperInstFilter - for use with the Super Instructor feature to determine which students are listed in the course roster.

SysopEmail - Email Address of person who should receive ACEweb error messages, and Web Master Email Address for newer installations.  

TableClass - Specifies a CSS table definition for formatting system generated tables.

TableColors - Specify custom colors for program-generated tables.  

TableTags - Specifies additional attributes for most HTML tables displayed in ACEweb.

TaxRate - For custom tax rate routines.

ThirdParty - Used in customized applications. Do not change unless instructed to by your ACEware Systems technician.

TransactionFee - For customers using custom transaction fee options.

TranscriptFields - Determines what fields are shown, and what text appears in the column headings, on the Completed Courses listing in the Registration History.

UseCoAlias - determines if Course Code column entries are taken from the coalias field instead of cocrse.

UserIDSource - Set Logon Credentials ACEweb users need to supply to log into their Account. 

UseStdHeader - Determines whether templates use header/footer information from Standard.htm.

ValidateEmail - Enforce restrictions on email entries for new Name records submitted via Express Registration templates.

VerboseFullMsg - Message shown on course status page when class is closed.

VirtualPath - Used internally by the WebConnection framework, do not modify.

VoidPendingPmts - When using a Payment Redirect service, determines how ACEweb records pending registration/payment records.

WarningEmail - Email address of the person who should receive Suspicious Request Notices.

WebRegHome - Display name of the ACEweb starting page

WebRegURL - Relative URL of the ACEweb starting page.

WksCodeMatch - For a given course, any 2 workshops will be considered to reside in the same time slots if the first n characters of their Workshop Codes match.

WorkshopFields - Specify fields shown on Workshop Listing page.  

Xpages - Specifies additional .htm templates that are permitted to be used with the Xpage routine. i.e.: Xpage?SESSIONS.HTM


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