ACEweb Implementation Checklist

Note: you must have installed Student Manager before you can install ACEweb.


Make certain the web server meets the minimum requirements to run ACEweb
Install IIS on the web server
If installing on a Windows 2008 Server, enable the necessary IIS features.
Verify that IIS is running and configured
If you will be accepting credit cards online, install an SSL certificate on the web server

If the Student Manager data directory is on another server, create a user account for ACEweb to use and give it full control of the data directory

Have ready the following information:
Exact path to the Student Manager data directory (UNC path if the data is on another server)
Web Server URL (e.g., or IP address if domain isn't assigned to machine yet)
Webmaster email address
Organization name and address
Organization Help Phone, Help Email, and Hours of Operation
Location of organization logo
SQL Version: the SQL database name (e.g. acewaresm)


Obtain installation file from ACEware technician
Install ACEweb
If running in COM mode, complete COM mode setup
Test ACEweb installation (i.e. open ACEweb home page and click the currently scheduled courses link)
Review security recommendations

Customize ACEweb


If using the default design, run the Interface Manager to customize the color scheme
If not using the default design, apply custom design to foundation templates
Determine course look up options you will be using and make any necessary changes to links on the design templates (i.e. delete ones you won't be using, if necessary add ones you want to use), and the Site Map.


Review General Information templates and make any necessary changes (e.g. add cancellation policy to FAQ.htm, enter additional contact information to contact.htm, etc.)
Review Account page (person.awp). If necessary, add/remove fields
Review the XCoursestatus.htm template. If necessary, add/remove course information fields
If necessary, open CustomRegister.htm and edit pay information fields (in Invoice and Credit Card sections)


Determine the Student Logon option you will use
Determine which ACEweb preferences you intend to use and enable them
Enable/set up any ACEweb options you intend to use

Student Manager Setup

If using course grouping option 1 or 2, create grouping codes
Assign grouping codes to courses
Set up courses to display in listings
Set up course fees for web display
Review location records and enable web display on public location records
Review Interest and Tracking Code lists. If necessary, hide any codes you don't want to show in ACEweb lists
If running Cashbox by User, set up WWWEB user account

Instructor Access

If you won't be allowing instructor online access, remove the Instructor Access link from Home.htm template
If allowing instructors online access to view rosters, etc., set ACEweb Access level on Faculty records
If allowing instructors to view student emails, check the View Student Emails box on Faculty records


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