Student Manager/ACEweb Optional Modules

The following is a list of optional modules available for Student Manager:


  • ACEweb Online Registration Module - with ACEweb, anyone with a browser can add their name to the database and register for classes (and pay for classes if you have the optional Credit Card module) anytime of the day or night.  ACEweb also provides instructors the ability to access their class rosters and email their students.
  • ACEweb Alternate Interfaces - allows you to create/promote a unique "brand" or website design (with its own set of html templates, css styles, and preferences) for a specific course group listing and/or Student Manager database.
  • ACEweb Calendar - an optional module for ACEweb that displays 'monthly' calendars.
  • ACEweb Quick Pick Module - simplifies the registration process for your customers and speeds up those high volume registration periods.
  • ACEweb Term Fee Module - charge a fee the first time an individual enrolls in a course for a given term/semester. Contact your ACEware technician for more information about this module.
  • Attendance Tracking - allows you to track attendance for courses.  You can log if a registrant attended a session, how many hours they attended, the reason for non-attendance, and the session grade (if applicable).
  • Budget Builder - provides ability to “cost out” programs.   Enter in projected enrollments, projected fees, estimated expenses, and the system will calculate for you the go/no go number, break even point, and provide you the projected profit/loss at any given enrollment point.   Uses three expense categories: Fixed Sunk, Fixed program, and variable (per person) costs.   Features an actual to projected comparison. (NOTE:  Requires Pocket Ledger).
  • Catalog Builder - enter course descriptions and assign the description to subsequent sections of the course.  View the course description from the Course and Registration screens.  It also includes the ability to generate output files for merging to a Word Document (catalog publishing).
  • Company Invoicing - generate cumulative invoices (for one billing entity) for all charges to that entity for the time period you specify.  When you receive a payment (for that invoice), you can make only ONE payment entry, and the pay will be distributed to all registrations on that invoice.  The system will automatically generate invoices, can re-run old invoices, and has a 30-60-90 aging report.
  • Course Packaging - an optional module that allows you to 'bundle' registrations. A course package consists of a 'parent' course where fees for the package are set, and the 'child' courses that are the actual courses the user will be taking if they enroll in the package.
  • Customer Relationship Management - track all contacts you have with individuals interested and/or involved in your programs. Log all personal contacts and phone calls you have with individuals.  You can also log mailings (when printing mailing labels from Student Manager) and emails (when using the Email Module). View all contacts with individuals from their Name record or generate reports of contacts made from the main Student Manager reporting system.
  • Electronic Credit Card Interface - process credit card payments from within Student Manager.  When validating credit cards, the system dials up your bank and sends the card information.  Within seconds, an authorization # is returned and automatically input into the pay record.  Note:  requires additional hardware (modem and phone line), the third party PC-Charge Pro single user software program  (available for purchase from Go Software, Inc. 800-725-9264 -  Your bank must also have compatible software.
  • Email Module - send emails from within Student Manager.  For instance, send registration confirmations, notes to individuals and course participants, and rosters to instructors.  (Note:  requires Catalog Builder and a mail server that allows relaying).
  • Faculty Manager - - track instructor addresses, pay,performance, and special features like availability, skills searching, and pay preferences.  You may set up instructor subject scoping and set automatic pay calculation (per hour, class, student, or session, and % of gross income).  There is also an instructor callback system, to remind you when to call  instructors about specific things.
  • Financial Aid - allows you to track Financial Aid disbursements.
  • Pocket Ledger - track expenses for specific programs and generate profit/loss reports.  Create object codes for different types of expenses and run reports accordingly.  Record income other than registrations (grants, gifts) and flag expenses as projected or actual.  View all expenses for a program from the Pocket Ledger screen and print requisition forms.  
  • SMS Text Messaging - send text messages from Student Manager to Names in your database. Text messages are sent using the Twilio API.
  • Workshop Tracking - track break-out sessions (Workshops) for a course or conference.  Create workshops then register individuals in the course and desired workshops.  You can set Workshop size limits and the system will warn you when the workshop is full.  The system also allows to specify workshop location, leader, and a description.  Workshops can also be used to track participation in optional (fee based or free) events.


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