Enabling Attendance Tracking

You must enable Attendance Tracking for each course you intend to record attendance for.  To do so:  

  1. Open the course record.
  2. Check the Track Attendance? box.  
  3. You must now create attendance records for all registrants.  To do so, click the Create Attendance button.  This will create a set of attendance records for each session of the course.
  4. You can now  record attendance information by clicking the Record Attendance button.  


  • Attendance records are built using the information from the Room Use list.  So you may want to review your Room Use list for accuracy before you complete this step.  
  • If someone enrolls after you create the attendance records, go back to the course record and click the Create Attendance button again.  This will only create records for anyone enrolled since you last created attendance records.


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