Combining Name Records

Student Manager has features to help you prevent adding duplicate Name records, such as assigning unique identification numbers to each record and the name matching feature.  However, despite your best efforts, you may find that two records exist for the same person.  In these cases, you can combine the information and all associated registrations from both records into one.  

To combine two records:

  1. Open the 'good' record (i.e. the record you want to keep) and write down the ID #.  
  2. Open the 'bad' record (i.e. the record you want to delete) and replace the ID # with the ID # of the 'good' record (i.e. the record you want to keep).
  3. The system asks you to confirm the ID # change.  Click the Yes button.
  4. You're warned that the ID # has been assigned to someone else.  Click the Combine Names button.  
  5. The system asks you to confirm the combine records action. Click Continue.  The system now combines the information, moves all associated records to the 'good' record, and deletes the duplicate Name record.  It also enters information from the duplicate record into the Contact History field on the Comments/History tab.

Duplicate Registrations

If the individual is enrolled in the same class under both names, the 'bad' registration is deleted, and any payments are moved to the 'good' registration. Any missing Registration and registration UDF values will be copied to the 'good' registration.

Combining a Series of Name Records

To combine a series of Name records, run the Combine Names utility.


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