Company Invoicing

Company Invoicing is an optional module which allows you to produce a sequentially numbered set of invoices for current billings and to post payments to those invoices.   It is especially useful for organizations that have frequent instances of multiple registrations (for the same person or multiple people) billed to the same agency/firm.

Company Invoicing Features

  • Consolidate charges to one company on one invoice.
  • Billings to one company do NOT have to be entered at the same time.
  • Billings to one company do NOT have to be grouped.
  • A unique sequential number is assigned to each invoice, allowing tracking of payments by invoice number.
  • Payments are made to the Invoice.  Student Manager automatically distributes the payment to all registrations that were part of that invoice #.
  • Partial Payments on invoice may be made.  You may choose to distribute the partial payment equally across all registrations or to selected registrations.
  • Special Invoice Receipt is available (User defined Receipt “Invoice Payment Receipt”.
  • Invoice reporting includes the ability to only print new invoices for a given time period, and scope new invoices by course or payer (only print new invoices for the given time period for the particular course or payer).
  • Re-print old invoices and run Aging reports (outstanding invoices for a range of dates).


Setting Invoicing Preferences

Creating Invoices

Making Payments to an Invoice

Making Partial Payments to an Invoice

Reprinting Invoices

Aging Report

ACEweb Invoicing



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