Student Manager 8.0.092 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.092 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Oct 05, 2020 9:17 am

Bug fixes:
No text in the email template body was causing an error when emailing it.

Findinst with 7 as the second parameter doubles the information of the 3rd parameter (though, not always with the info from the right record).

After adding a refund description on the course cancel wizard, the new item doesn't show in the dropdown.

If you enter an apostrophe in the course cancel reason in SQL Server in the Course Cancel Wizard, you get an error.

Running any report with gtadd on it (Courses Taken-Legal Size in Name Quick Reports) throws an error.

Using whazzis function and you have a Value Only option on it and your query includes a date, is still showing the field in addition to the values.

If there is no room use records and you click Add Date, the hours and location aren't populated.

Go to the Course – Instructors – Add Additional Instructor. The Instructor Search windows opens. You don’t find the instructor so you Press ESC and you get the “Adding Instructor Information for:” screen. Press OK (without entering anything) and you’ll get a pop up screen “Validation failed! Record not saved.” But after you click OK, you get the “ERROR-FIELD NOT FOUND” saved as an instructor.

Moving a registration off the waitlist and the registrant has a membership, needs to get them the membership rate.

Cancel out of Export to Excel from Student List, Waitlist, Courses Taken, and Courses Taught listings throws an error, "OLE error code 0x80030003: Unknown COM status code." Line 95 of FRMBROWSE.COMMAND4.CLICK.

If you have a search screen with only one column to search in (such as Codes -> PAY: Refund Wizard Pay Adjustments), you get an error.

New features:
Export in XML format. Benefits include: exporting memo fields, standard language - so can be read in other software easily, etc.

On Waitlist view, added NMFIRM.

Background of Course Info and Name Info on the Register screen light up depending on which way you access the screen.

Added options on the registration screen just like on the courses and names screens where you can choose what order the arrows flip through the registrations. For example, you can now choose the sorting of the student’s reggies based on their course dates.

Preference for Export to File list the fields in alphabetical order.

Mass register now figures out who gets membership rate and gives it to them.

Add State to Firm Lookup.

Update the FIND lookup on Invoices.
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