Student Manager 8.0.080 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.080 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:19 am

Bugs fixed:
Editing lessons and saving it, you get an error.

Rolling a room use date, you get an error.

Name Import Wizard into SQL Server (and possibly VFP) throws an error.

With the Assign Invoice # at Billing Screen setting and doing a payment plan, the first invoice does not get an invoice #, but the rest do.

If you have a blank phone number for a firm and fill something in, you are asked if you want to change the names of only the people that match the number (so people without a number filled in). The issue is that it is overwriting all names in the firm, not just the blank ones.

Using the Mass receipt wizard with multiple registrations and using the namer function, everyone past the first person does not show the correct person or shows a blank.

Ctrl+F2 - Room Use: in SQL Server, if you try to include Building, get an error.

Ctrl+F2 - Room Use: if doing custom condition (loclocat='xxx') the report runs, but then throws an error.

Delete a location dropdown doesn't actually remove a location off of a space in the room use screen.

On SQL Server and querying on Course Number, if you hit the ellipsis (...), it counts to # of total Course Codes, but then spins forever. NEVER gives you a list of course codes.

Import Wizard allows you to import into full name which confuses people into thinking that it'll populate into first name and last name (the reality is the other way around).

Assigning a firm from the brief name screen does not necessarily allow it to stick.

New features:
Minor change on Employee List from the Firms screen in that several columns aren't as wide to allow more columns to be shown at the same time.

Launching Room Use Reporting is now available from the Show Room Use (ctrl+F2) using the selected criteria of the form for the query.

New function: striphtml. Purpose is the remove HTML tags from a field. So, if you have conoteprt with HTML tags, you can do striphtml(conoteprt) on a receipt and it'll show better.
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