Student Manager 8.0.074 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.074 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:38 am

Bugs fixed:
When creating a code for a UDF dropdown, the system allows for more than 30 characters to be entered.

Importing courses with colocprtin in the list, you get an error.

In doing a mass change for all courses against a range of dates, you get an error.

Course Mass Delete on a range of dates is not pulling courses in that range and is instead getting others.

Printing receipts with the Use group X firm receipt option throws an error in SQL Server.

Zap Charge with SQL Server may just put the same zap into one registration over and over until you bail out of the system.

Faculty system ID on the instructor screen forces IDs to be all caps when some may be lower. Faculty can't sign into Instructor Access as the ID doesn't match what is actually in the database.

With the Extended Credit module, when adding a course with credits, you get an error.

Can't combine locations.

New features:
Registration Creator (rgcreator) is now on Tracking Code Reports.

Button will write the room use list into the clipboard so that the information could be pasted into an email or any other document.

On Budget Builder, there is now a preference fill in the Course Minimum (COMIN) field with the Go/No Go value.

Mass group names tool (name grouping) now built into the F5 Find Them Names Search.

Add the ability to print to a PDF from Module/Invoices/Outstanding Invoices All/View Invoices/Print Invoice and email it.

Added time specific holidays. For example, night classes the night before Thanksgiving are canceled, but the day ones are not canceled. Or maybe there are days where school is closed past noon.

4 digit fee expires so that expiration dates in the future for membership will work. The negative sign takes up a digit, so previously couldn't do -180, -270, etc.

stampunl function created to stamp unlimited UDFs from a report.

Added Proper Case Names option checkbox in "Name address Cleanup."

F5 Find Them now has the ability to change the ORs to ANDs by just clicking on them.
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