Student Manager 8.0.073 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.073 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:23 am

Bugs fixed:
Mass Register in SQL Server and you choose Bill Individual, throws an error.

When attempting to run an income detail by registrant report querying on course code begins, you get an error.

Mass Change/Update/Delete/Archive does not respect unchecking courses when you preview.

Change information in one invoice in a group and if you say yes to applying the change to the rest of the invoices, you get an error.

New Print and Export to Excel buttons are all over the place when you open the Student List or Courses Taken.

With Make Credential, choosing CEUs for the Credits or Course UDF 3/4 for Institution Giving Credit throws an error.

Link File field on Names screen only allows 50 characters even though the field in the table allows for 100 characters.

On *SPECIAL button, if you choose the History option..and save your note.. it automatically stamps the current date into NUDFD4.

Deleting an additional document does not actually delete it in SQL Server. (Not 100% certain this is a SQL Server issue. May just be a refresh issue.)

You can't enter fees that are 6 digits and 2 decimal places long without a rounding error to occur.

Refunds for 10s of thousands would round the cents place (so 13,123.94 would round to 13,123.90).

Running Zap Charge you get an error.

If an unlimited UDF begins the same as another, the UDF doesn't save.

New features:
On the new Student List and Courses Taken screens, there is now a message letting users know about the feature of moving columns around and Student Manager remembering it.

For those of you having split locations, we have added a room add button that clones the building information and lets you just add a new room. Similar to cloning an existing room use record, but this would save a step.

Allow One Time Coupons to accept percentages.

Added Course Hours to Daily Income X Source By Date.

HTML support on Email Signature line/block that only sends on HTML formatted emails.

Import Name Wizard: Offer option to auto link Firm Names (if exact match) and auto create Firm records for NON Matches.

Made the title field in the instructor record allow for 50 characters like it allows in the name record.

Spell check on quick emails from Name record.

Now an option on relabeling Pager/Fax to remove the phone formatting.

Activate/deactivate payment types.

Added support for CRSEUDFS to the F2 Custom Condition .

We now show balance due on transfer payment routine.

Broken Firm Link tool now does a few more checks to clean up firms even better.

Merge Emails, including Email Reminder, now has a checkbox to include Attachment email receipt to be sent as well.

Pay Only Skin Number for places that have an alternate interface just for back office payments. NOTE: This requires updating to the latest gateout to use this feature. See your tech for that, though this probably won't apply to the vast majority of you.
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