Student Manager 8.0.100 Released

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Student Manager 8.0.100 Released

Postby matthew » Mon Jun 07, 2021 8:13 am

This version handles staff passwords differently than before. If you have lowercase letters in your password, you'll need to type those as uppercase until you update your password. This is on Student Manager and ACEweb staff access only. If you have Remember Me on This Computer set, it'll log you in just fine.

Bugs fixed:
When doing the location dropdown in room use on a location with an apostrophe, you get an error.

Running the name import wizard (which includes running it from the speed reg screen or the registration import wizard), SM inexplicably, and sometimes without error, crashes.

You may get incorrect warnings or errors from the getsqlcount function.

Course import wizard with memo fields truncates the memo fields.

Post to Ledger display on the Course Instructor tab only shows 3.5 entries and doesn't let you scroll (even though there is a scrollbar).

You can enter numbers 10 or greater in the attendance hours, but 9.99 is the largest the field accepts. In SQL Server, you get an overflow error, but is an issue in both database types.

When adding a Course to a Package, you get an error.

Refunding to Escrow throws an error or two. (Hitting Ignore on it/them does process the refund properly.)

If you have canceled registrations but nobody enrolled or waitlisted, the program allows the course to be deleted.

If an unlimited UDF is a character type but you store numbers in it, the addxxunl functions return it as a numeric, causing errors.

New features:
You can set your Standard Operating Procedures file in your User Profile and use Ctrl+F9 to launch it.

You can now Apply Escrow to a Grouped Registration.

In the Reports Menu, added links to Cart Viewer, both on screen or email, and it has options for since last logon, last week, and last 15 days.

Allow longer and stronger staff passwords. Currently can handle 29 characters and allow case. The next build of ACEweb will also respect (so enter in all caps until you update).

Added an option 8 to trimdate function parameter 2 to give the date in yyyy-mm-dd string format.

Created a new function, sqldate, to return the date in the proper string format for SQL Server (i.e. {d 'yyyy-mm-dd'}.

Hybrid course type added. See this in action at the conference or the next update webinar. There will also be an article in the next newsletter.

Preferred browser needs to not be IE. Switching people to Edge.

When setting the Proxy Type to Partner, added a check for the partner fee and $0 fee.

Added to Post to Ledger on the Course screen an optional (preference) benefit amount that is a percentage of the amount regular rate. Options for classification, description, percentage, and vendor.
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