ACEweb 4.0.030 Released

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ACEweb 4.0.030 Released

Postby Cheryl » Tue Apr 26, 2016 8:50 am

ACEweb 4.0.030 includes significant changes in the underlying framework. Those changes require updated support files and data structures:

  • Updated DLLs (wwipstuff.dll, wwdotnetbridge.dll, and wc.dll), included in the update zip.
  • Several log table structures must be updated. The resession.sql in the update zip must be run on the SQL database to apply the new structures. Further instructions are in the Update instruction sheet.
  • New templates: about.htm, error.htm, and SQLQueryHelp.htm, included in the update zip. These templates are used for the about.awp page, error messages, and the ACEweb Viewer Table View Help section. If you have any Alternate Interfaces, the templates should be added to those template folders as well.

This release includes these new features/bug fixes:

Updated Registration History's Completed Courses routine to support using the cochar1 field (from the Course table) in TranscriptFields INI setting.

Updated person.awp to show household member's address information instead of logged on user's address information. Requires an udpated person_page.prg, included in update zip.

Fixed a bug in the Advanced Search routine that was not returning New or Bonus courses if they were the only search options the user selected. Requires an udpated advancedsearch_page.prg, included in update zip.

Fixed a bug in the Attachments.awp routine that would not write the entered description to the Comments field (Name > Additional Info (UDFs) tab > Additional Documents button).

Fixed a bug in the Workshop routine that would drop off workshop fees if the user's credit card charge was declined then they successfully paid on a subsequent attempt.

Fixed an SQL-specific bug in the Calendar routine that generated a "tEvents.dbf does not exist" error.

Fixed SQL-specific issues in the BOGO and course history routines.
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